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This introductory online fiction writing class teaches the process of fiction writing from the ground up. Specifically targeted early writing assignments and readings help you get started with your writing. Later assignments provide you with the fundamental tools of narrative writing, including plotting, character development, and point-of-view. In the course of this fiction writing class, you’ll complete a story sketch, a story beginning, a plot chart, and a polished draft of a short story. Text: Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway. $500. Instructor: Scott Driscoll.
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But while fiction writing allows for great freedom, it also demands mastery of form and structure to succeed. An ability to manipulate form and structure allows a writer to create stories that entrance readers and bring them along for the ride. The mastery of these techniques does not come easily, alas. It requires careful preparation and commitment to the habit of art to write excellent short stories or a novel. These fiction writing classes will help you develop your own habit of art, mastering the craft of fiction writing essential to creating compelling stories. The Writer’s Workshop’s online fiction writing classes will give you the skills and techniques to take your fiction writing to the next level. Online Fiction Writing CoursesStart writing fiction - OpenLearn - Open University - A174_1Course description; Course content; Course reviews; Course content