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The most daunting task for aspiring and emerging writers can be building and growing their writing community online and off. Danielle Rayman of Pinterest and Lucy Silag of Book Country will share how social media and online writing communities can be tools for getting your work into the hands of agents, publishers, and readers. Julia Fierro, founder and director of the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop; Maris Kreizman, of Kickstarter and Slaughterhouse 90210 (the Tumblr and new book); and Andrew Unger of Bookcourt provide insight into how being a part of a local “writers” scene has real value when it comes to taking your writing to the next level.

About Sackett Street Writers Workshop:

The Sackett Street Writers’ Series at BookCourt features readings by talented SSWW members and alumni.
Also, most online writing communities have a dedicated space for writers to promote their books. Share your book with a wider audience.
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We are one of the only online writing communities that allows youto earn revenue, or not. Why? Because we want your readers to have the best experiencepossible, so if you think ads detract from that experience, then don't have them! On theother hand, if a bit of money in the bank is more your style, we'll whack a few in no worries.LONDON: Two months ago we launched , a new online writing community that aims to recreate the classic writing group over the web. It is a different type of site for writers; it is about developing your work-in-progress with like-minded others and working together towards your aims.As a writer, being part of an online writing community is a great way to get practice, learn the art of critiquing, and gain a following. As a reader, writing communities are great ways to discover fresh talent and explore new genres. Here are ten writing communities you should know about:We are not the first and won’t be the last community of this type. But what’s interesting is that ever since we launched the site, writers and those in the publishing industry keep asking us the same question: Will online writing communities such as ours help to make traditional writing groups and university creative programs redundant for the young digerati? The short answer is, that as a writing veteran of both the traditional and the digital, I know that we won’t.Now that you’re fully convinced on the benefits of becoming an active member in an online writing community, let’s look at the very best ones to join (in alphabetical order) :Exactly what can joining online writing communities do for you as a writer? answers this question and more in an interesting article in The Hindu.The hardest part of writing an article about online writing communities is that there are so many of them it’s almost impossible to make sense of all the options. Rather than giving you a mile-long list of links, today I’ll just touch on a few general categories of online communities you can explore. Then in later articles I’ll go into more depth with each type of community, sharing more detailed insights and linking to a few specific sites that I especially love.The difference between high school and these online writing communities, though, is that you will almost never be met with rejection from the writers (unless, of course, you’re a troll who just shares personal promotions everywhere). I’m incredibly excited – not just because I get to make new writer friends, but also because this is a chance for my blog to be a part of something that’s bigger than itself.